Amanda and Jason's wedding was held at Gaynes Park Barns, in Epping. The entire scene was other-worldly; the bridesmaids carrying enormous bouquets, a blossoming floral garden, intertwining trees and a free standing picture frame added real meaning to the word 'picturesque'. The classical music mesmerised the day until the night's rock lifted the atmosphere, and how could one forget the little heart-shaped fort in the garden. Amanda and Jason, it has been a pleasure.

Amanda somewhere near Cambridge decorations Gaynes Park Barns the bride cambridge wedding preparations jewellery flowers from Cambridge bridesmaids smiling coming to ceremony in Epping in alley at Gaynes Park  groom waits for bride the bride comes, Epping entering the place of ceremony entering Gaynes Park ceremony room with father wedding rings wedding rings signatures wife and husband Amanda and Jason guests at ceremony Amanda and Jason confetti in flowers classicall music group shot group shot group shoot wife and husband have relaxing walk in the middle of the hart mirrored kiss in the sunset in Cambridgeshire sunset wedding party