Some time ago, I visited Rushton Hall with Olgerta and Paul. It was a newly explored location and I was very impressed with its beauty; it made me anticipate the wedding day even more. The south rooms of the ceremony were filled with stunning light, ideal for photography. I was smiling whilst taking every shot of it, as photographing such happiness makes my job truly rewarding. Moreover, when the guests began to dance and party like Olgerta and Paul, the wedding day's celebratory joy doubled.
In the morning of the wedding day Olgerta with hairdresser maids dresses in the mirror wedding makeup wearing the wedding dress almost ready for wedding details of wedding dress details of wedding dress the last minutes before wedding starts the groom the bride comes to the wedding room the wife and husband present a lot of humour this special moment in sunlight moment of relax saying yes the kiss first congratulations just after wedding ceremony confetti for Olgerta and Paul confetti a moment of relax during very busy wedding day Olgerta on stairs of Rushton Hall portrait on stairs under the veil through the window in front of the wedding reception The bride and groom walk around Rushton Hall an amazing cake cut by Olgerta and Paul an one of wedding highlights Olgerta and Paul's first dance dancing Rushton Hall at night