A few weeks ago I visited Rutland and gave my time to Sophie and Ian in a part of the country which I like a lot. The picturesque villages between hills look dreamy and all time slows down. Exton Park, where Sophie and Ian exchanged their "yes" is a stunning place which has all the Rutland charm. A beautiful estate between ancient trees, classic Rolls Royce coming to the church with a bride... It was easy to get captivated by the atmosphere of the day.
When the wedding reached the moment of speeches, the bride left everyone completely mesmerised. Sophie is a very good speaker and shined performing in front of the crowd. There was a lot of smiles and the atmosphere changed very easily to a party mode which was tuned up by two music bands. First playing traditional scottish music and the other exploding with a great rock and roll set. There was so much to see, dance and sing. The whole day was finished by a fire spinning show and groom performing as rock star.
Thank you Sophie and Ian for amazing time and your great cooperation. All the best for you!

Sophia with hairdresser Time comes Sophia's wedding dress in the garden flowers are ready Sophia few hours before the wedding Everything is full of beauty on a wedding day. with hairdresser The bride is happy and relaxed Sophia and her father appeared at the church in Exton The last moment to check everything before the service starts The groom waits They are already in Father and daughter in front of an altar the kiss in the end of wedding service at altar wife and husband leave the church wedding confetti for Sophia and Ian the couple with family in beautiful scenery of Exton Park limousine is ready to take the couple to the wedding party short break before arriving to the wedding venue between old trees of Exton Wedding day provides a lot of happy moments wedding kisses Exton Park is a perfect location for relaxed session with photographer the stylish limousine champagne for the couple and their wedding cake guests are coming to the venue everybody smiles in front of reception chatty moments Ian & Sophie on their cake a beautiful place welcome to our wedding sign to the wedding a few pictures from the park the bride with flowers it's time for speaches an extraordinary speech wedding toast Scottish music warmed up all guests Bride and groom lead the dance dancing with daughters Rock party has started! true rockers entertained all guests wedding marque at scenery of night Fire show in Exton Park gardens two hearts and heart